I’m not sure why it still hurts but it does. You put that you’re in a relationship on Facebook and while I’m happy for you, I feel like I’m being torn up from the inside. I feel like crying. While we have both moved on to new people, which is great. Everytime you show up on my newsfeed or I see a picture of you on instagram all the memories come flooding back. And they play over and over again. I remember us dancing and holding hands and getting high and getting tangled up in each other. I remember falling asleep with you and waking up next to your beautiful face. It hurts me so badly that I couldn’t be what you deserved because I wish I could’ve given you the world. Seeing you happy with someone else will always hurt me. Probably forever. But from the bottom of my heart I care about you and I am over joyed that someone can give you what you deserve because you deserve it all…

Just thinking that you might be happy with someone else kills me. Even though we are done I still can’t stomach it. I think it’ll always hurt.

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I will love you till the day i die…

You know exactly who you are 

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if this doesn’t explain things i don’t know what does

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